Curriculum & Pedagogy

The Montessori Wing

The hidden powers of a child demand understanding and helpful approach of the adults to blossom. To develop the basic knowledge of language English and Hindi along with basic Mathematics and Environmental Science, we provide the perfect atmosphere for children where they can speak, write and express their own thoughts. The Montessori wing of the school has eight sections for Nursery. PPJ (Pre-Primary Junior) and PPS (Pre Primary Senior) children comprising of 25 children at most. Our Montessori education is based on “Learning by doing”. Our approach is to make the learning stress-free, interactive and interesting for them. We make them learn how to connect ideas and objects and to understand without cramming. Giving different exercises of life, we train the children socially as well as morally so as to produce cream of the society. We develop five senses as well as muscular development through special Montessori equipment. Various exercises and tests at different levels help teachers to evaluate the child’s grasping ability. Activities involved are innovative and value-based.

Every Nursery and Montessori room is furnished with teaching aids, playing equipment that are scientifically designed to fulfill the needs of a growing child as well as to make their learning process interesting and easy. Audio-visual methods, play activities and celebrations make them learn and understand at ease.

The Primary & The Middle Wing

The Primary and Middle wings of the school have classes I to V and VI to VIII respectively. Theory and practical classes, academic programmes, performance assessment and examination system focus equally on fast and slow learner in the classrooms. Lot of emphasis is laid on teaching with high-tech I.T. enabled multi-sensory aids and methods in classroom. The syllabus is covered using Computer generated graphics, animations 3 D images and video clips. The extensive use of such teaching aids for the explanation of the lessons make the understandings of the topic interesting and clear. They are highly useful to explain those concepts which are otherwise difficult for students to understand in a classroom. Our major goals are achieving basic literacy and numeracy amongst all students, as well as establishing foundation in science, geography, history and other social-science.

Computer education is made compulsory from class I to X . Practical theory ratio is 1:1 Apart from academics, attention is also paid to the co-curricular activities. The school offers music, dance, yoga, drawing, painting, art, craft, scout and guide, indoor and outdoor games activities in the primary and the middle wings.

Every week inter-house or class –wise activities are organized from classI to XII . The school believes in continuous evaluation of students. We conduct periodical tests besides the customary quarterly, half-yearly , pre-board and annual exams. The cumulative score of a child in each discipline is 40% for promotion.

The High School & The Higher Secondary School

In the high school (classes IX and X) and the higher secondary (classes XI and XII) again various teaching aids, audio-visual methods and project works are intermingled with the traditional classroom teaching which drives an excellent output from students and they learn to be independent rather than the mundane life of a regular school. This approach is a fusion of traditional and modern teaching methodology.

Our students have proved the significance of this approach by giving excellent academic results in local as well as board exams. The school has perfectly equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories. Students of class XI and XII have to offer two languages. In Science stream, they have to select Physics, Chemistry and one elective subject (either Mathematics or Biology). In Commerce stream, they have to offer Accountancy, Business Studies and one elective subject (either Mathematics or Information Practices or Economics). They spend a couple of periods weekly in library also. Our results are always cent percent in board classes.

Our students also have brought laurels by succeeding at various competitive exams . The school provides sufficient opportunities to students to reach the pinnacles in their fields of interests. Our students have given marvelous performance at Inter School Science Projects for last 9 years. Many of the school projects had been selected for National Level Science Exhibition and were chosen THE BEST.