School Emblem

The School Emblem,on its own, speaks of the vision & mission of the school for the holistic development of learner at school.

  • The well protected and nurturing environment of the school is symbolized by circular periphery, in which the learner (Lotus flower) blooms on being showered the warmth, wisdom and dynamism of the teacher, represented by the Sun shining in the sky of Education.
  • The learner is represented by the flower Lotus in the ocean of learning & character building (blue waves) and has five green petals of leaves representing five most important core educational values as: (i) Hard work (ii) Integrity (iii) Excellence (iv) Respectfulness and (v) Justice.
  • The seven reddish pink flower petals represent seven core competencies of the learner including
    1. Creativity & Innovation
    2. Critical Thinking
    3. Communication
    4. Collaboration
    5. Conflict resolution
    6. Culture and Ethical Citizenship
    7. Computer and Digital Competency.
  1. All the learning, actions and behavior of the learner are guided by our school’s motto: आचारः प्रथमो धर्मः, i.e. Good Conduct is the first duty.
  2. The school’s motto has been taken from a famous ancient Tamil Book Tirukkural authored by renowned Tamil poet & philosopher Thiruvalluvar. The motto says that one must possess good character which is characterized by right vision, approach, action and behavior.