School Amenitiess

We offer state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, a modern library, and other dedicated facilities, to provide students with a holistic learning experience.

Smart Class Rooms

Our well-equipped classrooms are designed to foster an interactive and engaging learning environment.

School Houses

School houses provide a sense of belonging and competition among students, as they compete in various events and activities to earn points for their respective houses.

School Clubs

School clubs offer students opportunities to pursue their interests, whether in sports, arts, or academic subjects, fostering camaraderie and skill development.


The School Innovation Council fosters creativity and problem-solving among students, encouraging them to develop innovative ideas and solutions for real-world challenges.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities in our school encompass a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, including acting and plays, soulful singing, and captivating instrumental performances. Through these creative outlets, our students not only entertain but also inspire, learning valuable skills while nurturing a deep appreciation for the arts and culture.

In addition to traditional cultural events, our school enthusiastically promotes acting, singing, and instrumental performances. Students eagerly participate in theatrical productions, showcasing their dramatic talents. The melodious notes of singing competitions and the enchanting tunes of instrumental performances resound throughout the year, making our cultural calendar vibrant and memorable. These activities instill confidence, foster a love for the arts, and serve as a testament to our commitment to a holistic education.

Literary Activities

Our school places a strong emphasis on literary activities, nurturing the power of words and the art of expression. Literary events, such as debates, elocution contests, and storytelling sessions, are an integral part of our academic calendar. They not only enhance students' communication skills but also encourage critical thinking and the exploration of diverse perspectives

>In addition to spoken word events, our school cultivates a love for writing through poetry competitions, essay contests, and the publication of a school magazine. These literary activities provide a platform for students to unleash their creativity, articulate their thoughts, and contribute meaningfully to the world of written expression. They not only foster a lifelong passion for literature but also cultivate well-rounded, articulate individuals.

School Clubs & Houses

Our school's diverse range of clubs, including the Quiz Club, Eco Club, Sewa Club, Wellness Club, and Literary Club, collectively offer students a rich platform for holistic development, fostering intellectual growth, environmental awareness, community service, wellness, and a deep appreciation for literature and language.